Frequency Asked Questions

How will my members access the availability database?

After subscribing, your club will be provided with it’s own unique availability site. The site’s address will look something like:


Access to this site will be password protected and restricted to your club members only.

How do I add new rowers to the system?

When you subscribe you will be issued with a coaches login. You can use this login to access the administration options and add additional coaches and rowers.

Access details and passwords can be emailed to rowers as they are added to the system.

Rowers/coxes organise our outings and need to be able to add them without having to be named as coaches on the list

As a coach, edit their details and change their role (bottom right of the edit details screen) to ‘Rep’.

They will now be able to add outings and view squad entry form details.

What information can different people see?

The system supports three levels of users:

  • Coaches can add outings and new rowers and can view and edit details of all members.
  • Rowers can see and edit their own details and may see all of the outings assigned to them. Normal rowers can see the email addresses and phone numbers of the rest of their squad members, and the email addresses of members of other squads.
  • Squad Representives can add outings and view the entry form details for their squad.

What do users need to access the availability database?

An Internet connected PC or Mac, iPhone thingamajig or smart phone, with a suitable web browser. Rowers will also require a valid email address.

The system has been tested on Firefox, Safari and Chrome browsers.

I have forgotten my password; how can I reset it?

A password reminder option is provided on the login page. If a member has entered their email address into the My Details form, they will be able to have their login details email to them by entering their recorded email address.

Can a rower be assigned to more than one squad?

Yes. We've found that these people are typically coxswains or non squad rowers who occasionally sub into squad boats. Adding them to more than one squad will allow them to see and state their availability for both squads' outings.

Can I export my data into an Excel spreadsheet?


We do not wish to lock anyone into the system by locking up their data. All rower information fields can be exported to an Excel CSV file. Outing information can be exported as iCal feed and RSS feeds.

What sort of security do you have in place to protect my personal information?

While we can't completely guarantee the security of information the following precautions are taken:

  • HTTPS encryption is used to prevent sensitive information such as contact details been transmitted in the clear.
  • The physical machine holding your data is provided by a professional hosting service, in a physically secure location.
  • Access to the virtual machine hosting the databases is restricted.
  • Off site backups of user data are encrypted.
  • We have limited the amount of information that the system allows you to enter (ie. it does not have fields for addresses etc) and most of the fields (other than email addresses and names) are not compulsory.
  • The application limits what normal users can view. ie. only coaches may view and edit other member’s records.
  • We do not retain deleted data indefinitely. If you remove records the corresponding database rows are deleted immediately.

Users should be aware that using weak, easily guessed passwords could expose them to risk. As with any online service, using easily guessed passwords such as personal or club names as passwords, is not recommended.

Who provides this service?

The Squadlist service is provided by Eel Pie Consulting Limited - UK Registered Company No. 07009659.

Can this system be used outside of Britain?

Yes. While the system was developed for British clubs and some of the data fields are specific to British Rowing the core functions should still be applicable in other countries.

If there is sufficient interest, the system can be localised for other governing bodies and languages. A Dutch and French translation exists.

Can I run my own copy of the system?

Probably not. The source code for most of the system is available on Github and we're open to accepting modifications from clubs who use the system.

How can I be notified about updates to the system?

Follow us on the Twitter interweb chat thing or if you are an admin user follow the current issues tab on the admin screen.

Who can I contact about the availability system?

Please direct any enquires or questions to enquires at squadlist dot co dot uk